Monday, May 21, 2012

A wedding weekend

This weekend we headed down to Mobile for a wedding of a dear friend. I love weddings and I love friends, so this was a perfect combination. I have known sweet Anne for most of her life and I have enjoyed watching her grow up. She had a wonderful party and Catholic wedding and I was honored that they invited us to join in on the festivities. I am dumping my Iphone with our pictures of this fun weekend.

Anne and Josh's first dance. It was a Foo Fighters song played by members of the bridal party. I loved it. I loved the flash mob at the end!

Sweet Lucy has figured out how to take her own pictures with my Iphone. I literally have to clear out 100 pictures a day. I adore this picture of her sweet face. She is beautiful.

My parents at the reception. I love them. I am so blessed that I can say they have been married for 34 years. That is a blessing. I am so proud of the love they share and the example they are to us!

So....Lucy got this pet Pony at Build-a-Bear. I was dancing and having fun at the reception. I have in Lucy's big hairbow and am busting a move with the Pony. Good times!

This would be Lucy at the Bear store brushing her new Pony with the "paintbrush." We carry that Pony with us everywhere we go.

Totsie and Lucy playing a little game of checkers. Notice her Toy Story shoes? The girl is obsessed with Toy Story.

They even had a slushie machine at the reception. Lucy's favorite color is blue so she loves this picture. She's a mess!

And lastly, can't live without this sweet man. God sent him right to me! I love my husband!

I am so glad we were able to go to Anne's wedding. We made some fun memories and I pray they have a long and fulfilling marriage!
I am super excited that I only have 7 more days of school before summer break. It is very bittersweet because I love this class and I am sad to see them go. They have pushed me in my teaching. We don't have many big plans for this summer and for that I am grateful. Just one teacher conference and some beach trips. I am super excited we will be going back to Disney this year in the fall and I also have a special 2 year old who will be turning 3 in July. Where is time going? She is getting so big so fast. You can probably guess what kind of party she will be having.. Toy Story. She is so excited about it and tells us all the time her birthday is "July 16." Looking forward to a fun filled summer with friends and maybe a Zumba class or two!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

I am mother, hear me roar!


Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in the world today! I had a wonderful weekend. Of course, I can't celebrate this day without first thanking my mother. She is an amazing mother and friend. I am so honored to be her child. I even love it that I have taken a second place to my own child in her life! She was and is definitely what I want to be in a mother. She was the mean momma when she needed to be and a ear to listen when I was crying about whatever boyfriend broke up with me and whatever girl I was fighting with had done me wrong. She gave good advice and let me make my own decisions but always led me in the right direction. She fostered my love for Jesus and helped me along my Catholic faith. I am so glad God chose her to be my mother. And now I am even more pleased that we are friends.
 (but Lord knows, she still can scare the mess out of me...don't cross Barbara!)
I love you, momma!

And now I am mother to a fancy, hilarious 2 year old. She is the light of my life and I don't know how I lived life without her (or Max and Ruby and the Fresh Beat Band.) I love hearing her say "I love you so much, momma" and I love her sweet singing voice and her laugh and the wild things she says....
Like asking me when my stomach hurt one day if I had "skid marks in my underwear."
(and for the record, the answer is NO!)
I love when she gives me big hugs and when, even when she only wants her daddy, she will still come right to me for a kiss.
I love her dramatic personality and how sometimes she just needs "a cold rag for her head" and how when she takes a bath the water has to be "warmyhot." And how she needs a "soft blanket" and right now with a tiny cut on her leg she needs a "soft bandaid to make it better."
I love hearing Farmer in the Dell sung by her sweet voice. I love how she thinks any time we go to church that mommy will be in the choir. "You sing in choir mommy? I sit with GigiTata?"
I also love how daddy has nothing in this house. It's "mommy's bed, mommy's house and mommy's car." (Poor Scott, he only gets his truck and his "tractor")
I love how I can reason with her and talk her through any situation. Until she points her finger at me. Then we are done.
She is smart, funny, lovable.... and she's mine.
I hope that I can raise her right. I hope that I can help her make good decisions.
 That in life, she will come to me, like I do with my own mother.
I said it before and I'll say it again.
Thank you, Lord.

And I can't be a mother without my husband. While he might drive me crazy on a daily basis (and throw my new belt away.) I still love him and am so happy I found him in that bar years ago. He is kind to me and an incredible daddy to Lucy. I am blessed.
They showered me with gifts and cards today and woke me up with kisses. Yesterday, he even let me sleep in till 10 am! Yes. Amazing!
I had specifically asked for a scale. Yes, the kind you stand on to see your weight. And I promised I wouldn't get mad. I need a scale. I've been trying to shed poundage. (and lots of it) so I needed a scale. He always gets the best gadgets, and he didn't fail me today! But my big surprise was a new pair of running shoes! I had mentioned I loved these shoes after seeing them on a commerical, but I knew I would never buy them for myself because I only wear white tennis shoes. But these were calling my name! And that was all I thought of it. Was so excited to get that Nike box this morning! And when I went for my "run" (really... I look like a fat kid running for the birthday cake.) they were amazing! I felt like a real runner tonight! It's wild what a pair of good shoes can do for you!

So, thank you Momma. Thank you Scott.
And special thanks also to Scott's momma for birthing such a wonderful man.
I am blessed.
Thank you, Lord!