Saturday, April 12, 2008

Wedding hoop-la!

It is very hard to believe that the wedding will take place in just a month and a half! I have been so happy these last few weeks externally, but internally I am so stressed! I love the way things have really been coming together. Last week mom and I went and got the invitations designed from local printing place. I promise they are not like anyone else's! I am hoping everyone will LOVE them as much as I do! I have also had my dress for a few weeks. It was as beautiful as I remembered it and it does look smashing on, if I do say so myself! Today Caroline and Emma and I went to Troy to get E's flower girl dress made and designed. Yet again, something you will just have to wait and see! E is going to look absolutely amazing and I hope she doesn't steal the show too much! There are only a few little details to take care of now. The boys need their tux's and I need some shoes!

Keep your eye out on April 27th in the Dothan Eagle as our engagement announcement will be in the paper! I am so excited about that one! Invitations will follow the paper announcement so start checking your mail that week!

I just wanted to really thank my parents on this blog. You guys have been so supportive and so willing to let me have exactly what I want. I know this is going to be the best day. I also appreciate you putting up with my indesciveness! I know I can't be easy to work with. I know I try to show my love, but I want to really thank you for all you have done and continue to do for me. I love the way you have opened up your hearts to my love of Scott and how you have welcomed him into our family. I feel like he just belongs now.

Mom, I have loved helping you find "That PERFECT dress" and I hope the most recent one is it. You looked gorgeous and I can't wait to have you help me get dressed that day. I have loved sharing this time with you. It has been so much fun! I thank you for understanding my quirky non-traditional ways! I also want to thank both you and dad for showing me what real love is all about. Not many kids can say that about their parents but I can. You two are a great example of a good marriage and what I can strive for with my relationship with Scott. I love you both!