Sunday, October 31, 2010

Something exciting!

I am super excited about something my class and I did

Sunday, October 24, 2010

What a fall!

Whew! It's been a busy time in our household (inserting an Amazing Word from our first grade lesson last week) We have celebrated my birthday, a fall break from school, and tons of good quality time with friends and family. Lucy also turned 15 months old on the 16th. Where has time gone? I need to update some stats about her, so while I wait for my pictures to upload to my computer I'll write about her...
What can I say about that giggly little girl? I honestly looked at her the other day and thought...where did this "kid" come from? She is funny, she is inquesitive and smart, she is busy. She can eat like a champ, she loves most all food, but is very picky about her vegetables and most meat. She LOVES salad, which cracks me up. She runs when she wants to get somewhere and has a mouth full of teeth. She can say tons of animal sounds, and says a lot of words. She calls me "mom" ha! She can say Daddy, Sissy, Ta-Ta (for Papa), Jesus, pumpkin, JoJo (our neighbors dog), hi, bye, oh no, oh wow, uh-oh, "what's that?" and will mimic anything if you help her. She can climb on the couch. I finally moved her carseat to forward. She is putting herself to sleep at night. She loves to read. She tries to count and can hold a pencil or crayon like a first grader!
Here is our life in pictures this Fall:

This is Lucy before her school one day. She goes once a week. She has to carry a lunchbox!

Lucy and I at the Atlanta Zoo. Lucy at the Georgia Aquarium. She loved counting the fish and watching them swim by.We went to BabyLand General Hospital in Helen, Georgia on our trip. Lucy got her first Cabbage Patch Kid! Gammy, Sissy, and Lucy went on a playdate with some friends to a fun pumpkin patch! Lucy on the front porch. Last year when I took these pictures she had to sit in her Bumbo because she couldn't sit up! Fun times at the park with mom! Got to wear our shades! Well that about sums up our Fall so far! Bye Ya'll!