Saturday, February 9, 2013


the page is blank. 5 months is a long time. i let my little blog fall to the wayside of life. i could tell you i didn't really miss blogging until a day last week when i went back and looked. looked at all the memories on here. and i was sad. sad i haven't captured a spunky 3 year old and all her glory. so here i am staring at a blank blog screen (now covered with these word of backtracking) and i don't know where to start. well..starting where i left off might be a good place.

I started my new job. It was and is not what I thought it was going to be. I was going to change the world! Make teachers fall in love with my amazing and funny personality and my ever expanding wealth of knowledge. That did not happen. not for all, just for some. and I took it really hard. really hard. Doctor visits full of stomach ulcers, late night prayers, and daytime trips to the bathroom to cry. That was how my new job began. slowly, it has changed. I am doing better and the amount of children who I have fallen in love with is larger than I could have imagined. That's the best part. working with 350 students who all know your name and want hugs and ask when it is their room's turn for Mrs. Burns to visit. I like that part.

In all of that drama, I was still a momma and wife. Lucy has changed so much and is growing so much before my eyes. She will be 4 in July and I sometimes can't believe I have a little girl on my hands. She is now sleeping in a very large full sized bed. She doesn't need my help anymore to do little things like put on her shoes, brush her teeth, go to the bathroom. She's independent and working hard. She is taking gymnastics on Monday nights and loves it. She tells funny stories, and remembers every single thing you say to her. She is mastering the skills on her report card with flying colors. I am impressed with her knowledge and quick thinking skills!

So much more I want to say about her. Gonna have to make a list of all the funny things she has said. I want to be blogging more and remembering these special and precious times I have with her!