Monday, November 15, 2010

16 months

My tiny little girl is now 16 months old. Wow. I have to say, she is one amazing kid. She makes me laugh out loud all the time. I totally love this age! She is doing all kinds of fun things and saying tons. "Oh no" is a word we hear at least 100 times a day. But true to her southern roots, it is more like "ooooohh nooo" so drawn out and southern!
What else are you doing, my sugar plum?
  • You weigh in at 23 pounds and are 32 inches long.
  • You are in a size 4 diaper.
  • You eat salad. and love it. Your favorite part is the tomatoes!

  • Lucy at the Peanut Festival. The girl loves her roasted corn. She ate two ears!

  • You carry a purse. OMG. how I love this. It is so funny!
  • You wear a size 18 month clothing. True to size, kiddo!
  • My favorite thing you do is when you see a crucifix, cross, or a picture of Jesus. You point and say "Jesus?" I love this. At night when we pray, you almost have the sign of the cross down. You can do "The Father and Son" part. We are working on "and the Holy Spirit." Lately after we pray, when I tell you to tell Jesus you love Him, you look up at your crucifix and blow it a kiss. Love.
  • Speaking of praying, we have the ultimate bedtime routine down! You take a bath, get your jammies on, brush your teeth, and then we get a blanket and a stuffed animal and sit on your floor. You pick out a book and we read it together. Then we say our prayers and off to bed you go! You just get right in your crib and go right to sleep. You will either wake up around 6:30 or I have to wake you up for Gammy camp. You sleep from about 8:30 to 6:30.
  • You have started to "throw fits" oh, my. This is serious! You will throw your head back and say "oh, no" over and over. They can be pretty rough!
  • Fresh Beat Band is your favorite show. Of course, the show mommy hates would be your favorite. I go around singing "it was a great day...." all the time (here it goes again!)
  • We got your ears pierced last week. It looks so cute and you have done so well with it!

    Why, hello, mini Rachel Zoe in your fur jacket. I would have so bought this for you if I didn't think your daddy would have had a fit! And yes, we did do a photo shoot in the middle of babyGap. Yes. and we would do it again. totally. babyGap? do you want to offer her a modeling contract?
  • You are growing too fast little girl! I love you so much. I love your dramatic personality (where did that come from? ha!) and I love your love for Jesus already. I love being needed by you and I can't imagine what Daddy and I would be doing without you!

Halloween butterfly. I loved this costume. and we only spent $9.88 on it! Whoo!

How I love these sweet kisses! Even after I traumatized you with piercing your ears! ha! I love you!

"God has given me cause to laugh, and all who hear it will laugh with me!"

Genesis 21:6