Sunday, February 20, 2011

on my mind

Got some fun things on my mind that are pretty much consuming what I think about these days, so I thought I'd share them! In no particular order!

1. I wish I could rock super white legs as cute as my kid can. I need to desperately meet the sun.
2. I am a keynote speaker at a youth conference next weekend. I'm a little bit overwhelmed at the thought of 400 teens....and me... on a stage, talking about service to the Lord. whew. It has made me step up my Bible time and my prayer time, so something wonderful has come out of it!
3. I wish I could send some reality celebs on an island survivor style. Snooki, Kate, Sarah, all the Bama Belles, and Holly. See who can duke it out to the end.
4. We go to Disney in 7 months. I am about to have a fit to get there!
5. Lucy turns two in 5 months. wow.
6. I wish I could lose more weight, and fast. I need to Zumba every day, and not just 3 times a week!
7. It's official. I have Beiber Fever.
8. I am loving this warmer weather, but if you see #1, you'll know why no cute spring-y pants have come out of the rubbermaid!
9. I am looking forward to summer, but not to losing this class. I have just had a wonderful, funny, sweet class this year. Just the other day one of my kids told me "I wish it would get warmer so you could wear that pretty blue long dress you wore on the first day of school." Really? The first day was 114 days ago. And she remembers? ha! Gotta love what kids say! :)
10. Britney has a new album. swoon!
11. I am thankful to have good friends who make me laugh, parents who love me and still take care of me, an awesome sister, a loving husband, a sweet, sweet toddler, and a God who loves me even when I make big mistakes!

Hoping that your mind is full of fun thoughts. Praying for YOU, blog friend, wherever you are!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


I ran away from your love, But you waited for me
Yes, you waited for me
And then I heard your song Singing over me
Singing over me
Now that I hear you, Lord
I want to know you more
I want to know you more
Sing your song to me
Oh, there's no greater thing than to listen to the sound of your voice
When I hear your song
I want to sing along
And listen to the sound of your voice
The sound of your voice
Lord, I am calling your name
And I'm waiting for you
Yes, I'm waiting for you
So won't you show me your way
And I will follow you
Yes, I will follow you
Singing over me
Bringing peace and mercy
With a song that never ends
Singing over me
Marvelous and holy Lord, I want to hear your song again
Third Day "Sound of Your Voice"

Thursday, February 3, 2011

It's February. I love February. February is when I first dated my husband. 5 years ago I was singing karaoke at a local bar pretty much every night. I liked that. I still like to sing karaoke, just not as much! Anyway, I was singing quite regularly, and I met this guy. I had met him a few months back and I thought he was pretty cute. I saw him again in February. We talked all night, he clapped for me when I sang, he bought me drinks, and we just clicked. He got my number but I wasn't really sure I would really hear from him.

Days passed, and I didn't get a call. Then, one Sunday night, February 12th, 2006, he called. I was super excited. He asked me out for a date. He said, how bout Tuesday? Really? Valentine's Day? I don't even like Valentine's Day. I think its kinda cheesy. But ok....He picked me up Tuesday night. I remember still how nervous I was. And for those who know me, know I don't really get nervous. I was a serial dater so this was all cool to me. But I was nervous that night. I went and bought a new outfit after work. So he picks me up, in his white Chevy truck and we head out to dinner. We go to Chili's. Remember. This is Valentine's. All places are packed. We enjoy a great dinner. We talk, we laugh, we kinda sparked. I liked him. But this is a first date. We just don't fall in love on a first date! So the date ends and I am thinking this might be a guy I want to keep around.

We talked every night and ended up going on another date on Friday. I was living on my own and I didn't have cable at the time (school teachers don't make that much money their first year teaching!) I had rabbit ears and I only watched two channels anyway, so during dinner on our first date I made a comment about wishing I had a DVD player so I could watch something besides my two channels. I made a simple comment about some shows I would like to have on DVD. Well.... on our second date, he shows up at my door bearing gifts. A new DVD player with 3 of the DVD's I had mentioned. Talk about listening! I was quite excited about this guy!

6 short months later we were engaged. 2 years after meeting we were married. 3 years after that first February we had our sweet girl.

I write this so my Lucy will always know how her parents met and fell in love. I knew I loved him on our first date... and I love him more today than then. He is an amazing father and a wonderful husband. And they always say you can't find a good man in a bar! ha!
Happy February!