Sunday, May 10, 2009


Happy Mother's Day to a fabulous woman I am lucky to call my mother and my friend. Being a mother will be easier knowing you will be around to guide me. Lucy Clare will have the honor of you being her grandmother and experience all the joys I have experienced with having you as my mother. I love you!

Friday, May 8, 2009

A list of prayers

I have a few prayer requests for you. I believe in the miracles of my Lord and I know He will prevail over any evil or pain. I also believe He does not give us things that we cannot handle and that He will walk us through any valley. I know these things because I believe in the Word and the promises I read. I also know that situations may not always have the outcome we want or like, but the growth we receive in our walk may be just the thing we need.
Please please please pray for these people!

1. Lilly--- Lilly is a former student of mine. She is 7 years old and an amazing kid. She drew the cover for my wedding program and helped pass them out at the wedding if you were there. She has been diagnosed with a rare disease called "histiocytosis" and it is a really scary illness for such a little kid. She is undergoing chemo once a week and it is taking a toll on her little body. Please pray that the chemo will work to keep the weird tumor-things off her body. A full recovery from this illness would be a true miracle.

2. Caroline---Caroline is a teacher friend of mine. She is one of my best friends and she is also pregnant with her 2nd child. She is having a girl too! She received news today that there is a possibility that her unborn child could have something called "trisomy 18". She is very worried and scared (as would anyone be) but she has hope in our Lord! She goes next week to Birmingham for further tests. Our prayer is that the tests were just wrong and that nothing is wrong with sweet Baby G!

3. Lisa--- Lisa is my cousin Brian's wife. We got to meet her when their family came to Grandma's funeral last month. She has become very ill and is the hospital. Her illness is called "cytomegalovirus." Please pray for a quick recovery and healing. She has a very adorable little girl to take care of!

4. Lyndsey---Lynz had her baby way too early. She was due to deliver on May 29ish and Sam decided to show up last month! He is doing great and growing well, but I still think Lynz needs prayer. She is also a teacher and has had to be gone from her kids during the craziest time of year. My prayer for her is that she finds a peace and a stillness in her crazy schedule with Sam and that God will give her the strength for her so tiny baby! You can read up on their blog at

God is good... all the time! Lift these people up whenever you think about it!