Saturday, March 27, 2010

Remember when?

I was looking over my blog and thought to myself.. man, I wonder what I was doing a year ago. March 2009. What was my life like then? I can hardly remember life without spit-up, diapers, and huge hairbows, but I know I used to be the fun, karaoke singin, "Yeah" dance-routine'n, sleep all day kinda girl. Nope. That wasn't me. (well, yes I was at one time, but not last March. Up until November of 08 I was.. and man, was it fun.) A year ago, I was pregnant. and on March 26th of 2009, I made a list of my top five favorite things about being pregnant.

I have been mentally making a list of all the thing I love about being pregnant in my head for awhile. So here it is... my top five favorite things about being Prego.

5. Seeing other pregnant women on the street gives you a real reason to stare at their belly. First for a little moment of "whooo.... I'm glad I'm not that big" to "I wonder how far long she is." I do love this. It's my license to stare card. And she in return doesn't look at me like a stalker. She's probably thinking the same dang thing about me.

4. Stretchy pants. Good God. How have I lived my whole life not wearing stretchy pants? I can bend over without a button cutting into my navel. I can breath when I sit down (except on the days my undies roll down with the belly.) I just think these stretchy belly pants are a fab way to feel pretty!

3. My 20 pound weight loss. I know. I break the rules with this. But when that stick said "pregnant" I vowed to change my eating habits. I figured my baby needed to be smart (you know with a teacher mom and all) so I started eating fresh fruits and veggies. Now losing that glass of wine can't hurt either, and you won't see me eating nothing but good stuff, but I did change alot about how I ate. I still crave hot wings and strawberry milkshakes, but for the most part, I will take real strawberries over the milkshake any day.

2. The cutest dang clothes for her. I am glad I am teaching after school tutorial. That money has come in handy. I have done really well with just cheap stuff. And people that say"you will not want to spend on yourself anymore" don't know me. I buy for her, I buy for me. We both have to look good, right? Poor Scott.

1. And the last reason I like being prego... no, its not all the attention, or the free pass to be gassy, or the excuse to be really lazy, it's just the fact at how it has changed Scott and I already. Before, it wouldn't bother me to go out without him or spend time with my friends when he was home, but now... I look forward to the time we have by ourselves. I know it is going by fast, this time it is just Nikki and Scott, and I want to savor it all I can. I want Lucy Clare in the most loving environment. I want her to feel the love between the two of us.

So, this was no David Letterman countdown, but I do love being pregnant. I can't wait to hold sweet Lucy Clare in my arms for the first time. She is going to be one spoiled girl, just like her momma.

I cannot believe a year has already gone by. For almost 9 months I have been the mother to the most amazing, wonderful, precious baby girl. She is growing before my eyes, and I can't stop it! I look back on my #1 thing I loved about being pregnant and it almost brings me to tears. Scott and I have changed completely as a couple. I see him in such a different way now. He is such a generous, loving father to Lucy, and so patient and loving with me. I asked him the other day about the day she was born and how he felt. He said he looked at her and thought.. "now what do I do!?" He was so nervous and scared, but he has turned into the most amazing father. I love him more and more each day. She is the light of our lives.

As I lift her up in prayer each night in her crib, I feel like God must laugh at me (in a nice God-ly kinda way) when I ask Him if He just knows how much I love her! While I know He does know how much I love her, I know His love for the both of us is so much more powerful, and that alone can bring me to tears.

"See how great a love the Father has bestowed on us, that we would be called children of God; and such we are!" 1 John 3:1

Monday, March 22, 2010

our spring in pictures!

We had a busy Spring Break, so instead of a long post, I'll tell our story in pictures!

We got ready in our St. Patrick's day outfit for church on Sunday... Please ignore the mess behind her! Then we headed down to the beach for some shopping and fun in the sand.
We had a playdate with two of our favorite boys.. Foster and Collins.
We met the Easter Bunny.. even though we weren't quite sure about him.

We ate a lot of solids.. Cheesepuffs, yogurt, wagon wheels, and pears.. These were things we tried this week!

We enjoyed the sunshine at Landmark Park.

We met some great animals and learned what they all say.
It's times like these that make me wish I could stay home all the time. Happy Spring everyone!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Well I am just tickled pink. I jumped on my blog today to check on all my favorite people on my sidebar, when I noticed I had a comment on my last blog. If you frequent my blog, you know I don't get the most comments on my posts (I know you people love me anyway, but dang... could you make me feel good and leave a comment?) It was a rockin' momma I read about named Danielle and her super cute baby Chloe. (whom you can read about here) She had given me an award! Me! yes, Me! Whoop-whoop with a wrist twist. I have made it!

And I am just about to come out of my southern skin. It turned me into a babbling southern girl. I was saying things like "bless my bones!" "well, I'll be" and "shucks." I just thought it was the most wonderful thing. And really, for anyone who knows me in real life, you know that I wear these kinds of shoes to teach in on a daily basis(except when I was pregnant because I lost my balance once and took a load of first graders out), so it just made my Spring Break so fabulous!

Here are the super stylish things about this award:

First, let us understand the Stiletto… some words that describe it…

Classy – Strong -Exotic – Demure – Extreme – Ultra – Sexy - Bold – Funky

“Walking in extremely high heels is not something that the average woman (or man)
will need to do in their everyday life. However, there are times when this skill may be required.” I want to salute the women who balance life, family & relationships with style & class! Those women who share their experiences with us…who encourage us, inspire us, teach us, make us laugh and basically keep us going! You know who they are! While you read this blog, your family is looking at you wondering what the heck you are laughing about so hard…or why the tissue is
necessary for internet browsing. It’s the one that the kids are excited about because a new post means a new craft project or family outing. The one that inspires you to be a better mom, friend, person in general. The one that reminds you that we are all “in this life together” and you’re not the only one going through the hard stuff. The one that you secretly wish your blog was like…“Heels this high are not meant for clubbing or walking long distances in. They are mainly used for getting from the living room to the bedroom, from the car to the restaurant, or for a short stroll along the catwalk.” If you’ve received this award, someone out there thinks you deserve it! Be proud! Display the badge with honor! You earned it…after all it means that you brought something special to at least one other person, and really, isn’t that what life’s all about?

This blog is meant to be shared, to be given out, to be bestowed upon any and ALL women who exemplify what the stiletto represents. If you’ve received this award, here’s what you do:
1. Display your Stiletto Badge of Honor on your sidebar! Wear it with pride…

2. BRAG ABOUT IT! -write a post about your award. Include the link to this page so everyone will understand what it’s all about!

3. SAY THANKS! - include a link to the friend who nominated you for the award.

4. SHARE THE LOVE! -nominate 5-10 blogs that you feel deserve the award. Include links to them in your post -and- leave them a comment to let them know they are nominated.

5. DO WHAT YOU DO! -keep at it. Keep inspiring and encouraging and sharing your life! We love it and we thank you!

Now I am going to share the love. Some of these girls I know for real, and some of them are just blogs I like to read. I learn something from all of them and I am honored to give this out (and hopefully not trip on any of you as I do it!)

Lauryn @ The Griffin Family: She is a high school friend who has to be one of the coolest and most down to earth mommas I have ever known. and I mean that. Snowboarding? check. Cute kid? Check. She's one awesome lady. (and a great teacher to boot!)

Jenn @ Be.So.Happy: another awesome chick who is from my hometown. She is just an adorable twenty-something who is rockin it in another state, and taking us along for the ride.

Jessica @ the Steltenpohls: she's a gorgeous momma in my town who has one of the cutest babies I have ever seen. They are also Catholic which means our girls will grow up in the church together!

Jamie @ Another Joyous Journey: I don't know her from Adam. But she is a funny momma with a stylish shoe loving baby boy. I love reading about their daily life and watching him grow!

Kadie @ CouponKadie: She keeps me up to date on all the latest coupons and steals (which god knows I need for all the money I like to spend on a teacher salary!)

On a totally different note, my sweet baby is 8 months old today. I cannot for the life of me believe this. I love this time with her too. She has the cutest personality and is full of life (and into everything!)

Now, I'm fixin to go to bed, cuz this southern girl is plum wore out from all this typing!

Ya'll come back!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Spring is here!

We are so glad spring is showing its glowing face on us! Lucy and I took a walk today to the park in our neighborhood. This would be the first time she would be big enough to swing and I was super excited! She enjoyed it so much! This will be the first of many trips to the park. We jammed out to my Ipod the whole stroller ride there. It was a great day!

I love this face! She was so happy with the wind in her face! Of course, we had to both wear our "shades." They cracked her up. It has been since the summer since we have worn them!

Thank you, God, for bright sunny days, for the wind on our face, for babies that are so happy, and for love abounding! You are my King, my Redeemer, and my All in All! Your blessings are abundant... Praise You!

Monday, March 8, 2010

busy girl

Someone in our household has been trying to stand lately. It is the cutest thing but at the same time makes me so sad that my little girl is getting so big! She is also crawling all over the floor and is into everything. She especially likes to find wires, which is making her daddy have to really get on baby proofing the house! This is a pic I snapped quickly of her pulling up in her bed. Needless to say, the bed is much lower now!
Here is another picture of my little cutie in a crown. She looks so grown up in this picture! Sorry for the poor quality, it was taken with my phone. Miss LC is getting ready for peanut festivals and parades one day! I like to say she will be Ms. Peanut 2025. (and gah-I will be so old in 2025!)

Have a wonderful week! Next week LC will be 8 months old and it is our spring break! yeah!