Thursday, May 20, 2010

A ten month trip

Lucy Clare--You are now ten months and you are busier than ever! You are talking, moving, laughing, and all around having a ball. I love this age right now. You are funny. You are so independent! You are growing so fast! You've done a lot lately, so here is a trip in pictures!
10 months photo shoot. This is THE ONLY picture I got of you sitting in your spot. You would not sit still this month!

You have learned to give a "high five." It is so cute!
Not sure what you are doing in that above picture, but that's how I find you most mornings when I go to wake you up! And you have learned to laugh and smile when something is really funny to you! Ha!

You have learned to love the grass!
You have really liked this ride along/push thing Gammy bought you! Look at you go! (and major props to Godmomma B for your super cute shoes!)
What else is going on?
  • you have 6 teeth and are working on 2 more.
  • you are almost totally on solid food. You like mac/cheese, strawberries, watermelon, grapes, chicken.... ok, you really pretty much like anything I put down in front of you! :)
  • You sleep from 9 to 6:30 every night. I love this!
  • You are such a good baby, and everyone says so. I can take you anywhere!
  • You are a daddy's girl. You melt his heart every day!
  • You are going on your first cruise next month! Wow! I am so excited!
  • You can "cruise" holding on to furniture. You are still a little scared when you let go as to what to do!
  • I love you!

I am so ready to spend the summer with you! 5 more days till it is summer vacation! Tons of swimming, sleeping, and cuddling.. along with some great trips!

Love you!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


I mentioned in my last post that I had become a ZUMBA instructor last month. I haven't taught many classes (ok, just two) but I totally enjoyed making my friends sweat! Ha! Some of you may know that I was once our church's Youth Minister and I still help out when I can and the new YM and I are pretty good friends. Every summer our youth kids go on a mission trip called "Catholic Heart Work Camp" and it is an awesome experience for them. They help fix houses, help around different communities, and share their faith, all within the United States (which is a big deal to me.) This year 30 kids will be heading down to South Florida to help for a week. 30 kids is a great number, but with that comes the cost of sending all those kids on a mission trip. We have been thinking of different things we could do to help defer the cost for the kids and I decided I would have a ZUMBA fundraiser. I will have a hour long class and give all the money right over to the church so they can help send the kids!

I am super excited and I hope we really get a good turn-out. So for those of you in my area, please join us! Feel free to email me for exact times and location!

I have a number in my head that I am going to pray that God will fulfill for us. I pray that the church community will rally around us and burn a few calories while raising money! For those of you who don't live near us, please pray that God will bless us as we try to raise the money and especially pray for our teens as they travel to spread God's Word!
And finally, just cuz I think this little one is so dang adorable... her is a picture of Ms. LC doing what she likes to do.. Stand! Isn't she just so beautiful?! ♥