Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Another day in paradise....

Rolling off of last week's post, today was a day to make sure I wrote down for the records. The day started normal enough, the kids are really ready to be done with school, but it is imperative that I keep them on a schedule and preferably the schedule that we have had for the last 175 days. So like all days, they came in the door, greeted me, unpacked their backpacks and began writing in their journal. Today's journal writing was "If I could go anywhere on vacation I would go _______." They were to complete and write their other four sentences. I hear them talking among themselves...

Kid 1: "I would go to the beach. Mrs. B, does this mean ANYWHERE? Like we are millionaires?"

Me: "Yes, pretend like you have all the money in the world."

Kid 1: "Good. I will go to Chuck-E-Cheese."

Kid 2: "She said anywhere. You can go there anytime. What about Texas?"

Me: "Yes, Texas would be a good place."

Kid 3: "How do you spell Hollywood?"

This goes on for about 30 minutes, with a bathroom break and a pencil sharpening time. After they finish their journal for this week, they are allowed to draw with markers or do a learning puzzle. Conversation number two begins here:

D: "Mrs. B, do you have grandmas and grandpas or are they all dead?"

Me: "Nope, they are all dead."

D: "oh my, my, my." (shaking head back and forth)

I am thinking he was drawing me a picture of my grandparents. He was visibly upset that I had no grandparents!

And finally....after we completed our Memorial Day project we went to the Promethean Board to watch a video before computer lab. I had been using my laptop to work so I had to move it back to the board and hook it back up. As I was walking, I dropped the battery of the laptop on my pinky toe. I lost my breath and almost threw up! My kids were very worried as to why I quit breathing and was grabbing my stomach, so they all hopped off their square to look at my toe. When I was finally able to speak again I told them that it hurt so bad that I had almost thrown up.

Me: "Heavens! I broke my pinkie toe! And it's bleeding everywhere. I almost threw up it hurt so bad!"

A: (please say this in your head like she talks. She lives with her 90 year old grandmother so she talks just like an old lady. You know, all shaky and southern. I love this girl.)

"Oh, gracious. Mrs. B almost threw up, right here on the carpet. I am so glad she didn't vomit. We woulda have had to search for us a sub to keep us."

Really. I laughed the pain away. She was worried I was going home and we would have to search for a sub! I have laughed all day about that comment!

And... I really did break or injure my pinky toe! It's been such a pain today!

Hope we made you smile!

Saturday, May 21, 2011

When I make my first million....

I always like to brag to my friends that one day I'm going to make my first million dollars teaching. But really, one day, when I get a recording contract, I will make a kids c.d and I will really make a million teaching kids. I need to get on that.pronto. In this post, as the summer break tempts me with only 8 days of work left, I wanted to tell you if I did ever write a book, these would be the different chapters....All the things college did not ever tell me that would come out of my mouth or that I would hear in a day.

1. You did not just lose your tooth. That's a piece of meat from lunch.
2. Yes. White girls wash their hair every day.
3. No. I cannot tell you how to spell "eyes" that is the spelling word you are writing.
4. Everyone passes gas. Even me. I just choose not to do it where you can smell it.
5. Get the spray. Someone passed gas again.
6. No, mummies are not like zombies.
7. Yes, Lucy's last name is the same as mine.
8. Why do I get to get a coke from the machine? Because I have a degree.
9. I would rather you not lick the plate to get the mashed potatoes.
10. No, I will not tell you where I live.
11. Mrs. B'.... You could be a mommy beauty queen! (Said like "booty" queen. I totally laughed for days)
12. Oh my gosh, when you put your hair out of the ponytail, you look like Mariah Carey! (personal favorite!)
13. It doesn't really help if the glass falls out of your glasses. Take them off.
14. Mrs. B, are you are momma in God's way? (I hear this all the time. I really like this. I get called Momma, Grandma or Auntie all day anyway!)

Oh my, the things I hear in a day. I'll try to remember to do this more often. I know I will like to look back, after my first million, while I'm sitting on the beach with my cold adult spirit drink laughing at my sweet children. How blessed I am to be their teacher! But hey.... Bring on the summer! :)

Monday, May 9, 2011


I am blessed. Just earlier tonight as I walked through the house, picking up here and there and putting some clothes away, I was praying silent prayers. I was thanking the most High for blessing me with such a wonderful and loving family, thanking Him for one more precious day with my loves and enjoying a silent house for just a few moments. I also prayed the Blood of Christ on our house and our loved ones. Someone told me recently how powerful those words were and I just wanted to affirm them. How beyond measure is the Blood of Christ, how He laid His precious life down for me. How He thought of us as he hung on Calvary's tree. I am blessed to be loved by such a beautiful Savior. Isn't this a joyous thought? Thank you, my Blessed Redeemer!

My 2nd Mother's Day was very low-key and sweet. Scott and Lucy woke me up (yes, I have a husband who let's me sleep in. This was a discussion we had long before children. I ♥ my sleep.) with a kiss and a card. Lucy was so excited to help me open my card! It was a super cute Mickey Mouse Clubhouse card from them both, signed in her sweet handwriting (with Daddy's help!) and a note at the bottom telling me how excited they both are about our trip to Disney we have planned for September. They also got me a massage gift card which I cannot wait to use when school gets out! A day of relaxation...ahh! I have no pictures of this day, but I can say that having the two of them in my life is such a joy. I am so pleased that God bestowed on me the chance to be a mother to such a wonderful little girl! She amazes me every day.

Summer is approaching quickly and I already have a booked up summer! With 2 teacher conferences, a 2nd birthday party to plan, swimming lessons, and tons of days spent at the pool, and sleeping, we are a busy bunch this summer. Plus we plan on hanging out with Lucy's friend Foster and his way-cool momma Jolie a lot this summer. I am blessed to have good friends to share the summer with. And really, don't ya'll think I picked the right profession for a reason?

I will be sad to leave my class this year. They have truly been one of my favorite classes to teach. All of them mesh so well together and are always so eager to learn. Even when they drive me crazy with their tattle-tales and their.....let's just be honest, smelly toots, I love them anyway! They have come so far this year, and I am pleased to know I had a small hand in this!

Thank you Lord forYour love and Your Son, forgiveness and blessings. You are the song in my heart and the air that I breathe. May I always praise You.