Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I love this!

When Lucy was first born I would make up songs about her. I still do this (what can I say? I love to sing! Scott gets a little tired of the constant musicals that occur around our house!) One song I made up was to a little tune I made up one my own, but these are the words:

This is my baby, this is my girl,

when she is older,

I'll give her a curl.

(you know, like curl her hair for her)

This is my baby, this is my girl,

when she is older,

I'll give her a pearl.

(this one's pretty self explanatory)

This is my baby, this is my girl......

when she is older,

I'll even let her twirl!

(I don't know. It rhymed. I twirled when I was little. It makes sense to me.)

On the last verse, you really have to get down with the "twirl" part... I mean, really hold it out and shake your voice. Anyway, I do love this baby. She makes me laugh and smile and cry at the same time. She is such a blessing, even when she won't let me get her dressed and is screaming "NO WAY!" at the top of her lungs, or throwing whatever she doesn't want all over the floor. Yep, she's my sweet little blessing!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

our fun day

It has been extremely hot here in the south, so Lucy and I decided to take our party outside today. We began by dyeing our "Eee-ter" eggs which she loved. We had so many teachable moments doing this! Not only did we discuss our colors, but we used vocabulary like "gentle" and "easy" when we put the eggs in the dye and words like "spill" when we messed up! I love being able to teach my child. So many of my classroom children through the years have lacked the skills that parents should be responsible for! Oh...let me jump off this soapbox and get back to my sweet girl. So we dyed our Easter Eggs and then I pulled out a 2 dollar sprinkler we picked up at Lowes the other day. This was an experience! I had to show her a few times how to run in the sprinkler so I was soaking wet when we were done! It was so worth it. We worked up our appetite so we headed in for a "nack"

These are the days I cherish with her. Just enjoying each other's company and marveling at the creation of the Father!

Eggs. and a cheesy smile!

She had to get the water on the "bug" on her bathing suit!

I hope that each of you have a joyous Easter season. We as Catholics believe that the Easter season starts tomorrow and lasts for 50 days ending on Pentecost. So, have a wonderful Easter Season! Blessings to you!

Sweet smile as she runs the sprinkler!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

when I'm not working....

When I'm not working I like to play on my Mac at school. I won a Mac through a little contest at school and woo... How have I ever lived without one of these? For days, I played and played until I learned all I could... and then I found photobooth. well, hello! All my close teacher friends and I took pictures for hours. I also got the chance to get Lucy in on this action. Here it is for all your viewing pleasure!

Yes. My baby is a genius. What gave it away?

Hey guys, wanna play?

Something sure does stink around here!

Oh.. I just needed a laugh on this Tuesday. Happy Day!