Monday, August 8, 2011

Long Time Gone...

Hello friends... that is, if anyone out there is still there! I have taken a month off from blogging. I've taken some time to enjoy my summer break, to spend some time with my sweet 2 year old and fabulous husband, and to sleep! School starts back for me on Wednesday and it feels like I just left the land of first graders! So... what have we been up to this summer?

Lucy and I at downtown Disney with our birthday treat! yummo!

Well, this sweet little girl turned 2 this summer! Oh my, and is she a handful. She is so funny. I mean Fun-ny! She talks non-stop, does the silliest things and she keeps me on my toes! Her new favorite thing to do is watch music videos and dance. Her favorite music video is Justin Bieber's "Baby." Ya'll, I'm not even gonna tell you how much we laugh. She can follow what the people do in their dance routine and do it with them. Even tries to break dance. We follow ol' Beib with the "monkey song" (The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars) and then finish it up with my girl Britney's "Till the world ends." We have a whole dance routine for this one. She calls it her "jumpie song" because during the chorus we jump up and down with our hands in the air. It is so funny! I'll spare you the video because usually I'm already in my pj's and no one wants to see me jumping around and dancing! ha!

We also celebrated Lucy's birthday with a bang! My mom threw Lucy an "Olivia" party on Friday night and then we had a "Minnie Mouse" party at SEAGA gymnastics the next day. She loved it all and kept telling me that "I blow!" when she saw a cake! I was so blessed to have so many family and friends celebrate our wonderful gift!

Lucy's Olivia party. I made the Olivia cut out and her dress made from etsy.

The wonderful cake mom had made from Debra West. We were so impressed! and it tasted delicious!

Lucy with her daddy at her "jumpie party!"

Sweet girl eating her birthday snacks.

My mother in law, Connie,made these adorable cupcakes for her party. I loved them!

Our little family went to Orlando to see the shuttle take off. We also went to SeaWorld while we were there. Oh my, it was so hot, but so much fun. Lucy loved seeing all the "fish" and we enjoyed ourselves to the fullest. She was good in the car and was a great tourist. We have a big trip to Disney planned in September so I hope it goes as well as this trip did!
Waiting on the beach for the shuttle to take off! She loved the beach!

Lucy now weighs 30 pounds, is almost 3 feet tall and is smart as a whip. She copies everything we do and say. She puts together sentences, follows directions quickly, and is such a big helper now. I let her put all her juice boxes in the fridge the other day and she was so proud of herself! She also started daycare for the first time. She is a little timid (read-crying, mad!) when I drop her off, but she is learning so much and loves to tell me about "Eleanor and my my friends" when I pick her up. She could not stop talking about the "mag-nets" and the letter "B" today when I picked her up. She has the cutest southern accent. I love to here her say "help" because it is about 3 syllables long! She likes to go eat her "nack" in her "TB room" (t.v room!) when she gets home.

I know I say each age is my favorite so far, but this one has been great. Despite the few tantrums we have, she is sponging everything we do in her brain. She can read the book "Go,Dogs, Go" without any help. I love to hear her get to the end and say "A Dog Parttay!"

Happy girl on her 2nd birthday. She has such a wonderful time!

So that's what's been up in our household. I am gonna get back into blogging now that school is back in session and I won't have the video camera as much as I've had this summer! Gotta remember all she does for her baby book! ha!

I've missed ya'll!


~MGF said...

I've missed reading your memories. Lucy has grown so much. I know you and she enjoyed many, many fun times this summer.

Have a great school year!

Nikki B said...

Thank you Mrs. Melanie! I missed seeing you at the pep rally today. Please enjoy your retirement!