Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A little bit of hodgepodge...

3 more weeks until I meet Lucy Clare. W.H.O.A. I am getting pretty nervous! I have a feeling my prayer warriors in Heaven are tired of the same prayer everyday! I have watched more birth stories, baby stories, and bringing baby homes than I want to share with you. I have screamed at the husbands on TV and laughed at the wives who were going "all natural." I have seriously enjoyed my summer! At any rate, I am taking on the mantra of a little yellow friend of mine and saying.... "I'm ready, I'm ready!"
On a totally different topic, I am fed up with some TV personalities these days. Don't get me started on Jon and Kate + eight. I am so disgusted with how all of that drama went down. No... the persons I would like to comment on are Heidi and Spencer. Better known as "Speidi" from the Hills and now from I'm a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here. I could not have been more excited to see these two leave the show. I cannot stand their attitudes. And I think what makes it worse is that they threw Jesus up in the mix. Watch out now. When the going gets tough, the tough find Jesus? And get baptized by a BALDWIN brother in a river? Ok. I get you want some ratings, but don't make that sacred act something so trivial. So the two reformed souls act like fools and Heidi makes a big deal about wanting to be like Mother Teresa and prays with Patti Blagovich. Nice. Then she gets back to the states, and what does she do???? She poses for PLAYBOY. Yes, Jesus is so proud of you now! You have set the bar so high! You, my dear, may have a spectacular body, but come on... ooh. Totally fires me up!
I also want to tell you about a smoothie I made last night. I really should have taken pics of it. I cut up two mango's, two kiwis, added orange juice and ice and blended it. OMG. It was fabulous. If you have a problem with things being too textured, this is not for you, because the seeds in the kiwi give it a little crunch. I loved it... and was happy knowing how healthy it was for me and my little one!
Well, that about sums up my feelings for the day. I've got my swollen feet up. I'm feeling a baby roll around in my belly, and I am on my way to go swimming. I love summer, but honestly, I am missing teaching too. I love this time of year because it so rejuvenates me as a teacher. I have ideas brewing over for next years theme... "hopping around the world" and can't wait to take LC up to school and get busy decorating. Praying for a good class so Mom has an easy time doing my maternity leave!
Hopefully next time I write I'll be holding a sweet little baby in my arms! :)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

I love Lucy

I am so in love with this fat cheeked little wonder. Since seeing her yesterday, I have been so enamored with my belly. I can't believe something so wonderfully perfect could be growing inside me! Scott and I have slowly begun putting her room together and hours don't pass before I just walk in there and stand. I try to imagaine what my life is going to be like in 6 more weeks. How I know that everything I thought I knew about babies is going to change. How my nights and days will be confused and how I will never know love like I am going to know love then.
So we wait for the next 6 weeks, enjoying the time that it is just Nikki and Scott. And watching every kick and roll on my belly, thinking about that fat cheeked little wonder.