Thursday, January 27, 2011

my girl

Going through video on the computer I found this "vintage" Lucy video and had to share. Was she really that little?

Sunday, January 16, 2011

18 months.

My child is now 18 months old. She is 6 months away from being 2. Oh my. I was cleaning out a bucket last night of 3 month clothing and almost cried. I remembered when she wore each outfit and I hardly remember her being that tiny!

She is a busy moving happy girl. I love watching her interact and play. Just last night, I caught her on the bathroom floor "feeding" a puppy toy with toy bottle. She was holding him in her lap and putting the bottle in its mouth. So cute! She has a cute imaginiation. She will play in her playhouse for long periods of time, playing the piano, playing on her computer. She will jump on her rocking horse and rock so fast, all while singing "rock, rock" (which my mother sings to her.) She loves Dino Dan and the Fresh Beat Band on NickJr.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

are you ready?????

For some AUBURN FOOTBALL???????

We are! I am so excited that our team made it to the BCS championship game this year and I am totally looking forward to eating some Duck! Wooo!

It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!

We'll be watching the game Monday night and cheering for the Orange and Blue!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

oh my....

Here's a little story. Sit down. It's kinda funny. At least, I think so anyway. And take a look at Miss Priss and how clean and sweet she looks. You'll need that for future reference.
So picture this. I'm cleaning the kitchen (really!) and my sweet, innocent, lovely child is playing in the living room. I'm jamming out to some old school hiphop. She's kickin' it (yes, I said that) with the Backyardagins. Anyway, so we're all busy doing our thing when in strolls my girly into the kitchen. I notice something on her hands. She shows them to me, sticks them right out in a "hold up" position. I see it... brown.brown.brown sticky something all over her pretty little hands. I freak. truly, it has to be. no. please lord in heaven with the saints almighty. please don't let it be poop. I carefully walk over to my girl, grab a hand, a smell. Smells good. Like chocolate. "What have you done?" as I run to the living room. Heart attack number 2. Where is it? What has she wiped it on? I can picture brown hand prints on the floor, chairs, and tv. Wait. really? Only 2 little hand prints on her PBK chair? and then I see that little silver wrapper, so carefully thrown on the floor. and the little white slip of paper with the words "Hershey's" on it. My sweet, quiet little girl has melted a Hershey kiss between her hands. Wasted a perfectly wonderful piece of chocolate, but she must have had fun doing it! And thankfully, I was able to take her right to the sink and wash her up, and throw the PBK cover in the wash. Not before I took pics. Gotta have those for her senior pictures!