Wednesday, July 14, 2010

have abundant love.
are mighty. everlasting. true.
created my child and know each part of her. inside and out.
made her in Your image.
know her thoughts.
know the plans before her.
created her with a purpose.
created her with a love for You.
show your workmanship. Your handiwork.
will use her life to Your glory.
have covered her in Your precious blood.
will praise you daily, moment by moment.
will be forever eternal to You.
can imagine how Your mother felt about You.
look at her life as a testament to Your love and grace.
know what You give is a joy to others.
will thank you constantly.
look at human life differently.
love you.
Emotional me, writing my prayer to the Lord, knowing I don't have to write this for Him to know my thoughts and feelings, but knowing that He is all deserving of just a small token of His love. I have been blessed beyond to have Lucy in my life for this past year. I can only imagine the next many years to come.
Glory be to God, the Father Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth!