Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finally, November

A month of crying and a month of joy, all wrapped up into a package called October. The month started out joyous... The annulment finally came through with a YES and now Scott and I can be married in my home church and I can become "real" Catholic again! (JOY!) It's been a long, tedious, and very tiring journey, but faith in our Father is all I can say got me through it, along with all that have prayed so fervently for it!

Then it was my 29th birthday! Wow, I am getting old! We celebrated at the New House.. yes, that came in August/September, and my girlfriends from Gainseville came up for some festivities. (Joy!) Then sadness when I fell and tore my elbow up! (Cry!) It still hurts and for the first time in forever I was honestly embarrassed!
After my birthday, it was Fall Break (JOY!!) No school for an entire week. Scott and I went to Orlando while he worked and then had play time at Universal Studios. Here is where my eye becomes swollen shut and I get a nasty raunchy case of conjuctivitis! Only I would get this on vacation! (Cry!) It clears up by the time we leave, thank God!

I return home to a sick dog at mom's house. Lola and Frannie (my former chihuahuas that loved my parents too much to part with them so forever stayed when I moved on) were sick. The next morning I was up early (JOY! really, I never get up early) when Heather called to say Lola died in the night due to her sickness. (CRY.CRY.CRY.CRY.CRY.) Pretty much I think that is all we did. Still hurts, still crying, but going to get better.
Then the video grant I was writing for $25,000 did not make it in by the deadline. I am still bummed about this one, but, I didn't cry!

While this month will definitely go down in my history, I've learned lessons and become stronger. Isn't that what God is really using things in our life for? Because if I honestly said I didn't learn anything, I could not call myself a Christian. His plan always trumps mine.