Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The Future....

With the Olympics on its way, I sit and wonder what my sweet child will be doing in the future. Will she make it on an Olympic team? I surely don't have a clue, but from these pictures, she will make an excellent swimmer or cheerleader!

She's already got the most wonderful cheerleader stance. All I see here is "Ready? Ok! 1, 2, 3, 4!"

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Summer loving...

Oh, summer! How I love this time of year. Sleeping in, pool time, and tons of family time. This is how we have been spending our summer so far--- 

I started taking Lucy's picture before we left the house everyday to send to her daddy, my mom, and her Godmomma B. I have created a monster. We can't even step out into the garage now without a photo shoot. She has come up with some amazing poses and totally cracks me up. The above photo is by far the best one and she makes me laugh with that "toe pop" and her hand on her hip. Notice her Toy Story lunchbox? We don't go anywhere without some sort of Toy Story toy in her hand. We are a little obsessed around our house. I do look at that picture and think to myself that I have a little sorority girl on my hands!

I have taken up running at night and Lucy thinks that every time I put on my tennis shoes that she needs to get dressed too and go with me. She calls it our "Mousersize" time. We have our running shorts and wild tennis shoes on. Surprisingly, she is a great runner and she keeps up. Tonight she got tired and I ended up carrying her on my back and running the rest of the way home like that. Bonus workout for me tonight! She also makes me stop at stop signs and do jumping jacks with her! We dance, walk, and when she's ready, we run. I know the neighbors must enjoy seeing us come around! (She also calls those workout shorts she wears her "party rock" shorts. They look just like the pants the guy from LMFAO wears. And yes, Party Rock is one of her favorite songs to run to!) 

Here is another one of Lucy's best poses. It reminds me of a little dancer move. And of course, we have on our Toy Story shirt!

I got away for a weekend for an all girls weekend. We headed down to PC for a nice weekend of beach time, dancing, and all out fun. I love these girls and am blessed they are a part of my life. Every mom needs a great group of friends... and I have that is these girls. My bunco group turned best friends. I love that.

Another pose! My little hip-hop girl. This time we are carrying the new dolphin she got when she went to Gulf World with her daddy!

Another day of posing. We were heading to a pool party and guess who had to come??? Ol' Woody!

We have also been spending each afternoon enjoying our mini-pool in the backyard. I work on my tan and she burns off a ton of energy in the pool and water hose. She's a mess and I love it!

We are experiencing the "Terrible Threes" already. Temper tantrums to the max. They are not funny at the time, but so funny when I sit down to think about them.
She is out of daycare for the summer and we are spending a lot of time together. I love this. I love that I am able to spend the summers with her and seeing each part of her funny, sassy, loud attitude.
Her birthday is next month and we are already planning an amazing...wait for it...yes, you guessed it!
Toy Story party! She is so excited and can't wait for it.

Happy Summer, friends!