Thursday, April 2, 2009


I love Christian music. It moves me in the most prayerful way. It is my perfect prayer to my Jesus and Lord. I find scripture verses I have not heard before in music, my heart finds beats it has never made before and I love to imagine I am sitting at the throne of God pouring my song prayer to Him. This being said, when things are up, down, or normal in my life, I can always find some song to fit my life. I love to share them with others with the hope they will help them one day.

My Grandma went home to the Lord yesterday. It was expected, wanted, needed.... but still hurts. In my daily journal to Lucy Clare, I let her know that I was sad, but rejoicing! The earthly me is crying, but the heavenly side of me is well, jealous. I am not saying I want to die, but to meet my Lord, my Savior, my Redeemer face to face would be the greatest honor. So, I find a song, something to get me through this and a way to speak to my God. Mercyme is an awesome Christian band and they have a great song that explains just this... "I've never been more homesick than now..." I search and wait for my heavenly home. This is the reason we are here, to make it to our real Home.

I hope my Grandma is enjoying her new Home. There are many that have been waiting patiently for her to get there. I try to imagine her new body and new mind. And I wonder if she got all those questions in when she got there!