Friday, January 29, 2010


Ok, I've been lazy. I admit it. I am also a procrastinator. Here is where I stand up and say: " I am Nikki and I have a problem." My sweet baby has been 6 months old for 15 days and I am just now getting around to posting about it. Yes, I did take her pictures in the same spot, and yes, I posted them on facebook, but I just couldn't seem to get over to blogger and just do it! So much goes on in the life of a mom and by 9 pm, I am a tired mess. Here it is... finally!

Lucy Clare---I have been your mommy for a half of a year. Wow! I keep saying time has flown by and so it has. You are an amazing little wonder and are just about into everything. You are so growny already and have the cutest little personality! Here are some things you are doing now....

  • You sit up unassisted all the time. No more bumbo or boppy.. You can do it all by yourself!

  • You weigh 16 pounds 2.5 ounces and 25 1/2 inches long!

  • You wear size 6-9 months clothing, but some 3-6 still fit you and you can still wear some onesies from when you were first born!

  • We have moved up to a size 2 diaper and we are soon moving to a 3 (ahh.. the crawler ones!)

  • You are almost crawling. You can move around by rolling, but you have a great army crawl these days!

  • No teeth! Dr. Head did not feel any buds at our appointment.

  • You can laugh and it is the cutest little thing.

  • Happy feet you are. I don't know how your heels are bruised from as much as you kick and slam your feet on the ground!

  • You also flap your arms when you get excited.

  • You recognize your name and turn your head in the direction of the person calling your name.

  • You still love Josiee, Rudy, and the stuffed animal gang, but I splurged and bought you a Sophie and you really like her too!

  • You sit up in the buggy now in the front part when we go shopping. You think you are big stuff now.

  • Solids are your friend. You eat and love sweet potatoes, applesauce, bananas, carrots, green beans, pears, and loads of cereal. I just bought you meats to try this weekend and daddy bought you mangoes and other fun fruits!

  • You sleep most nights through the night. Randomly we will have a bad night, but I don't mind getting up with you (most of the time!)

  • You love bath time and take a good long bath every night. You sit and play with your tub toys while I sit next to you and do a Sudoku.

  • You like to watch WonderPets, Wordgirl, and PraiseBaby.

  • You love to read books.

  • You like to go to Zumba class with mommy and Gammy.

I had to post our first really good picture together. This is when we were coming home from the hospital. You had on your "coming home" outfit and I was just glad to not look like a whale. You were so tiny!

There is so much more you are doing... you are growing more and more. I love to watch you react to things around you. You love to people watch and smile at people when they tell you how cute you are!

Daddy and Mommy love you very much... You are very blessed and I love it that I can take you out and you act so well and love to be around others! You are a special creation!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

When you wish upon a star....

Disney... the most magical place on earth. The place where dreams come true and even adults feel like kids again. We were blessed to take LC to Disney world for Christmas. While she is still really young, Scott and I love Disney and when Scott asked if I wanted to use his hotel points to go, I immediately said yes! LC loved all the people, the noises, the bright colors and the characters, and of course, everyone loved her!

I had this adorable shirt made from a girl on etsy. I love it, and Lucy will wear it again!

The highlight for me was Piglet coming up to her at the parade and playing with her. And, The FairyGodmother shouting down from her float that she was a beautiful baby. (I did tear up, I won't lie!) I will tell you that Disney has an amazing baby station. We spent a lot of time there changing diapers, feeding, or resting. They have it all down, including a kitchen to warm things up or wash, and a lady who will sell you things you might have forgotten to pack. It really made going to the park super easy. (Epcot's was really nice too, and it was a great place to hang out when it started to rain!)
Watching the parade with her daddy. It was so cold in Orlando that week. I am so glad she had a fleece hoodie!

LC did a great job on the 6 hour drive. On the way down she mostly slept and played and we got to Orlando around 8 pm. She slept well that night and we got up super early to be at the park early. The drive home was not as wonderful. I told Scott she was just in a sensory overload and was ready to get home to the house she was familiar with (and to be out of that carseat!) I am so glad she did well because Scott and I love to travel and I want a good travel baby!
Her ears. Her name is on the back. Please ignore the spit-up all over her jacket, and the fact that her hairbow is hanging off her head! :) But, aahh, can we talk about those pouty lips and chubby cheeks? They make me smile!

Her daddy bought her a Minnie and Mickey doll. (He was adamant she have both!)And he kindly bought me a coffee mug to go with my new coffee maker Santa brought me!

This is how LC spent most of her trip, hanging out in the Moby. She could take her naps and we could all still enjoy the rides!

We truly had a wonderful time. I am so glad I have such a thoughtful and generous husband. He is such a good, hands-on daddy.

Now... totally off subject, but I am looking for a devotional I can do each morning to jumpstart my day. Does anyone know of something I can do?

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

a good news update!

Thank you for praying!!!! Christina had baby Austin this morning and both baby and momma are doing well! Rebecca (Christina's sister) posted a beautiful picture of him on her facebook. He looks great. Tiny, but great. He's long and looks like Christina. Please continue to pray that things go well. He will probably be in the NICU for 1-3 months.

But Jesus called the children to him and said, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these."
Luke 18:16

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A little prayer goes a long way...

Please pray for a sweet friend. Christina was due with Baby Austin around April and has been moved to Birmingham because she was diagnosed with HELLP. This is a serious condition for both mom and baby, but more for mom as it can cause seizures. They will be delivering Austin sometime tomorrow. So far, the outlook is good. The doctor says he possibly weighs around 2 pounds and they are pumping her with steroids to help develop his lungs. Any prayers would be greatly appreciated.

I will update anytime I see a facebook post from her sister. (Christina's sister Rebecca was just married New Year's Eve... I don't even know if she is home from her honeymoon yet! Pray for her also!)

Those who know your name will trust in you, for you, LORD, have never forsaken those who seek you.
Psalm 9:10