Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disney Recap

We have been back from Disney for about 3 weeks now, and I finally feel like I am caught up on my sleep, my sanity, and my laundry! We had a magical time, as one does in Disney. We ate too much food, enjoyed wonderful company, gave too many thumbs up, and rode tons of rides. September in the middle of school was definitely a great time to go as there was a smaller crowd of people and we waited in line for rides for small amounts of time (as in like 5 minutes). Lucy enjoyed herself being the center of attention in so many peoples lives and mom and dad enjoyed having so many hands to help hold, feed, and love on our baby! We park hopped, ate with characters, walked till our feet hurt, and laughed over and over. That to me equals a super trip. I didn't quite know what I was getting into, even though I planned this trip down to every detail. From the outfits for each park, to our dining times and which park was what day, I was definitely the trip planner for our vacation. I had a great group to spend a truly amazing vacation with. Now that it's over, we all plan to go back in no less than 5 years! ha! We really wore ourselves out. Next time, we will plan for more days with a few days just for relaxing and hanging out at the pool with an adult beverage! :)

Family photo waiting in line! Beebs and I doing our "pose" for the week! Thumbs up!
Sissy and Lucy enjoying waiting for Dumbo!

Lucy still talks about her trip and how she hugged Pooh and Tigger. (Lie. The kid was a freak-a-zoid when they came near, unless they wanted to give her a high five!) She talks about the Dumbo ride all the time and when we watch the home-made DVD she giggles and talks through the whole thing reminding me of the people she got to spend all her time with!

Tots and Gigi with their girl. Tots bought Lucy anything she wanted! :)

This is Lucy's scared face. We were in the aquarium and all the big fish were swimming right behind her!

Back to reality brought more school for me, Scott's 20 year class reunion, my 32 birthday (whoa!) and lots and lots of laundry to finish. We've been enjoying the cooler weather, and sleeping in on the weekends. Just good family time. I can't believe that Lucy is now 26 months old. She is a huge mess! Her 2 year old attitude is out in full force. Daycare is slowly getting better, and not without many sleepless nights from her momma praying continually. I finally think things are going in the right direction and I am so thankful! She talks in complete sentences and they crack me up. Just tonight during our bedtime routine Scott was pretending to fall asleep on her floor. She jumped on his belly and said "Wake up now, Daddy!" I love the way she tells us that she "luffs us" at night when she's going to bed and how she prays for certain people if I forget them during prayer time. She has the most vivid imagination. I asked her the other day what her name was and she told me her name was "Lucy Pooh-Bear" each day since she's had a different name to go with Lucy (she doesn't quite have her /l/ sound yet so it sound more like U-cy, which cracks me up.)

I love that girl! I am so blessed to have such a funny girl. She loves music and Party Rock Anthem is her favorite song. We get in the car every morning and she says "Mom, Party Rock?" and so we jam to her song the whole way to school. I don't want to forget this fun and trying time with her!