Friday, August 24, 2012

Busy days.

Hello! It has been a very long few weeks in our household. First of all, summer came to a screeching halt with the start of school. We spent 2 weeks in our classrooms without children doing cleaning and professional development. It was long, but fun. Then in the midst of all that, I interviewed for a job as a reading coach at another school. It was a long-shot, but it is something that I have always wanted to do. I love teaching teachers how to be better teachers. Well, I got the job! That meant I had to prepare to leave the school I had come to call my family and home to move across town to another school. I was emotional and a pure basket case. Then I realize that until they hired someone for my current job, I could not leave my position. So back to my classroom I head, getting things ready for a wonderful group of 2nd graders. I have been very distant and stressed, trying to get my head around being a teacher for the next 2 weeks and thinking of the new job. I am still not "officially" at my new job, but will start next week sometime. I am excited, nervous.... and well, overwhelmed. I love teaching and I am dang good at it. Leaving the classroom scares me and excites me all at the same time.
All of the emotions come baring down on me and then my little baby girl starts PreK at the same time. Talk about emotional! But, she loves her "new school" and she enjoys her teacher and learning and all the wonderful things that come with school. I am so blessed we have found a home for her during the day. I love hearing her talk about her friends and teacher. It just warms my heart. I am so happy with her new school.

So, here are some pictures of our life in the last 2 weeks! : )

Lucy and her bestie Foster at dinner. She was offering him a cherry. He didn't want it obviously! We love that little golfer! 
Girl baby in her big girl uniform on her 3rd day of school. She was upset she had a hangnail. But dang, she looks so cute!
Her happy smile at Open House. This makes me so proud. And those dimples!
First day of school! And a fun pose. Love this munchkin!
Celebrating TaTa's birthday. Yes, I dressed her in Alabama gear just for him!
Her first dentist appointment. She loved this. We practiced for weeks and talked hundreds of times about the importance of teeth and why "sugarbugs" are so bad for us!
I am so blessed to have had a wonderful summer. I enjoyed every minute of it. Now I am in panic mode as I settle into my new job and new environment. I am so happy the Lord has given me such a peace about Lucy's education for now. We will cross another bridge when she is ready for Kindergarten. As for now, she can rock it at private school!
She is growing up before my eyes. Some of her favorite words right now are "comfortable and serious." She cracks me up with the things she says.
The other night I told her to thank Jesus for living in her heart. She said "Jesus doesn't live in my heart, He lives on the wall!" (Meaning her crucifix on the wall!)
Then we had to discuss how Jesus does live in our hearts because He loves us so much!
The next day, she asked me if Jesus lived in my heart under my black shirt! How funny the mind of a child!
I'll try to update more as things settle down. Praying for peace and an easy transition for my new career choice. Praying also for my new staff that they will be open to me. And really, praying for my old staff as they manage life without me! Who's going to DJ all the pep rallies, teach Zumba at field day, run all the technology in the school, keep up with the safety plan, and make the faculty meetings more fun?? :) I know they will do just fine without me!
Thank you Lord for blessings in abundance!