Thursday, May 1, 2008

one month...four days

All right... the home stretch is coming for the wedding and as each day passes, I get more and more stressed out! I didn't think I was stressing, but my stomach tells me otherwise! And those beautiful hivey things I get on my face when I am thinking about the wedding. Those are great, they look like mosquito bites that only last for about an hour. I know that I am also super stressed about buying a house. Things just aren't working our way on getting a home loan, and because I am so financially challenged, I have no idea what Scott is talking about, even when I try! I try to ask questions, but I feel I just frustrate him! Just say a little prayer that we make it through this!
On another note, I have always been a fan of pre-marriage counseling, but I am a super advocate for it now! We had our first session last week and in that hour we covered the major topics. I really thought Scott and I communicated, but boy, I was wrong! We were missing some major issues. I like going, because I can't cop out and walk away from the things that scare me the most. I really left that day with emotions running wild and more in love with Scott than ever! Don't get me wrong... it was such an emotional meeting, but I did really love every minute of it, even when it got very uncomfortable. Having the counselor there to mediate was great. He made the questions just flow and gave us lots of advice. I can't wait to go back next week!
I am very excited to be starting my life with Scott. I truly believe that this is who God created just for me. I look back at my crazy life and I'm sure as we all do, I wish that I had done different things (like have PERFECT credit and really paid attention in finance class!) but in the end, this man is going to accept me for all that I am, as I will accept his constant "huh?" when I ask him a question and his slow southern drawl when he tells a story!
As for now, I cannot believe the wedding is in one month and four days! It seems like just yesterday I was so upset I was waiting a year and half to get married! As sad as it is that I am not getting married in my home church, those who will be there with us are the ones who know how important Scott means to me. It is going to be a wonderful day! Now, if I can just figure out how to get rid of those hivey things!