Friday, February 20, 2009


I was driving down the road the other day, as I do each day, when I was forced to use my horn. This happens on a daily occurrence. I love to use the horn. I feel the power when I use my horn. I really, really love to honk my horn. I could be blaring my Praise and Worship music, just loving the Lord, when bam.... some lovely person pulls out and I have to use my horn. You see, some of my family members do not believe in the "power of the horn" so when I am in the car with them, I am forced to do the reach over and honk for them. This really makes my husband mad. A lot. He usually slaps my arm away and now says, "Ugh. You are pregnant. That's probably not a good thing for you to do." This in turn causes me to give him a very valid argument. And everyone knows a pregnant woman is going to win her argument!

You are in charge of a massive amount of steel, iron, whatever a car is made of when you drive. Someone has said you are competent enough to get a license and drive on the road. This is a big responsibility. And if you are somewhat young, you were made to take driver's ed. (don't even get me started on people that need to go back to that course again!) So you know that driving is a big responsibility. Now, if you are not paying attention and you come over into my lane, or pull out in front of me, or try to back out on me, you are telling me that you don't care about your wonderful piece of steel you are driving or about your life. Which in turn, makes you not care about my life, or the life I am carrying, or the life of my family member. This is where you need to be told. This is where I HONK. I will honk for five minutes if it was serious enough for me to be scared. Then, oh forbid, we pull up next to each other. I will stare you down. Get a good look at me, fool. Thank you. My mother swears I am going to put someone into road rage. "People have guns you know!" I just feel like driving is a pretty serious thing and I would rather not be hit by you if I can help it. And then, maybe the next time you are thinking of changing lanes without looking, you'll worry if the girl in the Black Pilot is gonna honk at you.

And I will apologize to my family for the reach over. I'm not going to stop doing it, but I love you!

Now... the four letter words I spew at you are for another post. Yes, I am guilty of that too. Usually when I am laying on the horn.